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Why start a career at Famous Brands?

We are a growth oriented company, which means a lot of opportunities for promotion. To date, Famous Brands celebrates over 10 years of consistent growth and profit in the retail industry. We have personally funded our own expansion to 7 company-operated stores (and counting) - all without debt. Famous Brands offers you the potential for upward mobility, so if you've ever thought about working for a casual, upbeat, challenging, people-oriented company, get ready to come on board.


Who is our Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate is highly motivated, enjoys an active and exciting work environment, and has a passion for retail and customer service. A college education and previous leadership experience will boost your likelihood to succeed. We hold our staff to a high standard and we look for candidates who share our values: unyielding integrity, commitment to making every customer experience fun, and an atmosphere of no bureaucracy. Famous Brands encourages a creative, "outside-of-the-box" approach to retail. Everyone on our staff is a customer satisfaction expert, ambassador of good will, problem solver, and knows their way around the retail industry. Upbeat, outgoing personalities blossom in this flexible environment.

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